One-Stop Massive shop
You cannot find a partner with such a wide product range offer like Corex. We like define ourselves as a one stop massive shop for the global wholesalers and distributors. Although we are not a supermarket, we manage to accommodate all our clients’ reasonable requests.
Logistics expertise
We have been doing this for nearly 40 years, we have embarked containers from Italy to 100 different countries like U.S.A., China, Saudi Arabia, Japan, U.A.E., Korea, U.K., Argentina and many more. Our partners have always found our logistics service as extremely reliable.
Customized Packaging
Whether is a different kind of box, or a particular label, or something else, we do have all sorts of packaging both for retail and catering service.
The Italian traditional recipes (quality for money)
One of the things we are proudest of, is to serve our clients with the traditional Italian food, producing and exporting on large scale preserving the traditional Italian recipes.
We are human, comprehensive and extremely passionate about our job
The quality of the service we provide to our partners is just one part of our core capabilities. We love what we do and we strive to give an Italian taste to the world, with the respect of all the different cultures we work with. We don’t like define ourselves as a supplier for our customers, we like being their team’s Italian extension.