Our history
From the start to current days the company has grown and become a reference point for professionals, for producers and competitor for the international market.
The origins of our business can be traced back to the 1920s through the work and passions of two great friends, the ones who would later become the grandparents of Alexander Pisani and Maria Moscato owners of COREX Spa In those years Mr. Gennaro Moscato was dedicated to the production and marketing of olive, one of the iconic products made in Italy, and registered at the chamber of Commerce of Salerno.
Mr Alessanro Santo Pisani was responsable for the production and for the drying of Gragnano pasta (NA), now famous in all the world.
This two young boys over time created their own families and continued to cultivate their friendship and their passions passing it on to their children who thus continued the activity.

The relationship between the two families was intensified when two grandchildren - Alessandro Pisani and Maria Moscato - got married combining the common passions under one family roof.

The love of family traditions, culinary art and the desire to continue the project of their grandparents took them around the 70s to think about the COREX project that took off in the 80s.

Corex is a worldwide leading Italian food producer and exporter. From 1979 until today, our mission has never changed and stays the same: providing every family’s kitchen in the world with a real Italian experience. From the South of Italy to the Americas, to then pass by Africa, Middle East and Asia and finally arrive in Oceania. Corex exported the language of quality in the whole world.
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